Terminated GACS employee: Board of Trustees “knowingly breaking the law”

Guahan Academy Charter School (PNC file photo)

“The list [of grievances] could go on forever and ever…Some conduct is outright illegal!” exclaimed former GACS High School Coordinator, O.J. Taitano.

Guam – After a tumultuous termination, O.J. Taitano, a former High School Coordinator from Guahan Academy Charter School is now going public against the school raising allegations of unethical pay rates and misuse of funds.

In an email titled “Going public against GACS monarchy”, Taitano sent PNC a four page letter detailing his grievances against the administrators of the school entailing allegations of unethical pay rates, misuse of funds, and knowingly breaking the law.

“It may not come as a shock that I am working with the Department of Labor for a personal claim, or that I feel bitter about the termination of my employment. However, I send this letter as an apology to the parents, students, and awesome employees at GACS who may feel the after [affects] of going public,” Taitano said.

Tataino takes aim at one administrator in particular: Marilyn Manibusan, the Board Consultant of the charter school.

“Marilyn Manibusan should have to bid for her contract as per the government procurement laws,” he writes, adding, “Being contracted at about $70K yet [acquiring] a total of more than $100K in checks being written to her company is a totally different matter.”

He alleges that Ms. Manibusan has lied to the Department of Labor insisting there was no service contract between her and GACS, but Taitano declares she and a trustee had signed documents acknowledging that they will abide by a contract.

The former employee says he warned “self-serving board of Trustees” of their alleged improprieties several times, but was always ignored.

“My ‘blabbing and complaining’ without action has been interpreted as idle threats up to this point….beyond the fact that I have already been terminated ([presumably] in retaliation for demanding ethical and legal operations) I send this letter out specifically to those who have asked that I champion certain efforts while keeping their anonymity.”

One of those efforts, Taitano says was opposing a population increase at the charter school until a high school facility was guaranteed.

Currently, GACS has yet to acquire an occupancy permit for their middle and high school facility.

Other issues include missing documents, “magically appearing documents”, two sets of contradicting documents, unethical pay rates, and more.

“The list [of grievances] could go on forever and ever…Some conduct is outright illegal!” he exclaimed.

PNC contacted Franklin Cooper Nurse, GDOE’s Chief Auditor from their Internal Audit Office on the validity of the allegations and was informed that the IAO is currently looking into the concerns addressed in the letter.

In response to the allegations, GACS Legal Counsel Leonardo Rapadas said, “There has been a number of allegations made against Guahan Academy Charter School by a former employee. It is the policy of the school not to comment on these allegations and on any other complaints made by anyone to any media outlets, especially if there are any pending legal matters against these individuals.”

Meanwhile, GACS Chairwoman Amanda Blas says she has been informed of the letter and a work session has been scheduled with the GACS Board of Trustees for next Wednesday at 9 am at the Department of Parks and Recreation Conference Room.