Territorial Entymologist: All Christmas Trees Were Fumigated


Guam – Every year at least one invasive insect is found tagging along imported Christmas trees. Territorial entymologist Dr. Russ Campbell says that this Christmas season has been especially difficult.

He says that although they followed their normal precautions such as requiring that imported Christmas trees are mechanically shaked at their port of origin there was still a large number of invasive insects that managed to ship to Guam on these trees. In fact Campbell says all the Christmas trees shipped to Guam had to be fumigated. “We found beetles we found caterpillars numerous what we call plant bugs so just about all the major groups of insects that are also pests of plants were found,” said Dr. Campbell.

After fumigating all of the trees on island Dr. Campbell says he is confident that all the invasive species on these trees were eradicated.