Territorial Vet Tom Poole Proposes Shooting Stray Dogs


Guam – Guam’s territorial veterinarian Tom Poole is recommending that stray dogs be shot and killed with rifles to keep the population down.



 During the Department of Agriculture’s roundtable discussion, Poole, who is the head of the animal control section of the department of agriculture, said that the dog traps are no longer working and other methods are simply ineffective. Poole said that with his staff of four animal control officers they are barely able to keep up with complaints of stray dogs and thus recommended a program in which his officers would be armed with 22 caliber rifles and trained to use sniper like head shots to kill problem causing strays. “Right now all we can do is trap them if we can’t trap them we can’t catch them that’s it. we take them to gain and their kept at gain for three days very very rarely someone comes and claims these dogs almost never sometimes these dogs are adopted out about 80 percent of the time they’re euthanize,” said Poole.

 The Department of Agriculture also announced that they have produced a draft of rules and regulations for indigenous fishing rights. They are planning a public hearing on the proposed rules and regulations to be held in May.