Testimonies in Agababa re-trial allege a murder plot and confession


Trial resumes Wednesday.

Guam -After a slight delay in the second trial of Allan Agababa, trial resumed with testimony regarding his mother Shelly Bernstein’s life insurance policies, death benefits, and an alleged murder plot and confession.

The prosecution called to the stand Norma Yoshida, a former United Airlines Health and Wellness benefits administrator who handled the administration of Bernstein’s work benefits.

Allan and his brother Dusty stood to inherit between $700,000 and $800,000 if Bernstein had died of natural causes.

But Yoshida says she is unaware if any of Bernstein’s death benefits were paid out. She did recall that prior to Bernstein’s death, the long term disability benefits were utilized but the checks were never cashed as each were returned to sender as a result of an incorrect address.

In court Yoshida recalled that she met with Allan Agababa and his brother Dusty the day after his mother’s death. The brothers were nquiring about the benefits and a United Airlines uniform.

“I believe he came like one or two other times,” said Yoshida.

Prosecution: “What were those meetings about?”

Yoshida responded that he called once about his mother’s uniform and another time to advise her of his mother’s death certificate.

The defense argued that Agababa was just doing as she instructed him to, and that he made her aware that they needed funding to bury his mother.

But the plot thickens as next to testify was a convicted burglar who alleges that Agababa asked for his help in the plot to solve “an inheritance issue.”

Bobby Hall Guerrero worked with Agababa at Genghis Khan for a a few days when he says Agababa told him he would pay $4,000 if Guerrero helped him get a gun or chemicals. Guerrero recalled that one of the items on the list was anthrax and that he passed this information along to the FBI.

“Mr. Isezaki at first was talking to Jackie’s husband, the one that said he was from Homeland Security, when I handed him the list of chemicals. He said something to the effect of, ‘Well it’s too bad I don’t have my finger print kit with me,'” noted Guerrero.

But defense attorney Curtis Van de Veld argued that the joke made by FBI agents was made because they believed that Guerrero, not Agababa, wrote the list.

Then came testimony of an alleged confession made to Randall Fulcher Jr. who has yet to take the stand. His ex-wife Leialoha Robberson told jurors that Agababa came to her home which she shared with Fulcher and confessed to him “I killed my mother.”

She further testified that she and Fulcher drove down to Ylig bridge in Yona where Fulcher got out of the car with a plastic bag and when he returned to the car the bag was gone. She stated that she did not hear the conversation between the two men nor did she know what was in the bag. But she did say that Fulcher instructed her not to tell anyone that Agababa had visited their home.

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