Thanks to foresight, Pay-Less not too affected by supply chain problem

Pay-Less Supermarket (PNC file photo)

Thanks to foresight and inventory management, Pay-Less Supermarkets has not been too much affected by the supply chain problems in the mainland.

Kathy Calvo, the president of Pay-Less Markets, the biggest supermarket chain on island, said that although the food supply chain has been disrupted throughout the entire pandemic, the Pay-Less meat category buyer has been quite aggressive in anticipating demand, especially during the holidays when the volume is up.

“So, fortunately, we have secured sufficient inventory of turkeys and ham and the regular holiday fixings. We’re going to double-check with our shipping company but at this point, we don’t foresee any issues in any of our Pay-Less stores,” Calvo said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

She acknowledged that at the start of the pandemic, they did have shortages such as in sanitizing products because those were in huge demand.

“To say that the supply chain has normalized would not be an accurate statement. But we’ve tried to procure as much as we could,” Calvo said.

She added that sometimes their suppliers and vendors, both off-island and locally, have problems fulfilling orders from Pay-Less. So what the company has done was to look for other suppliers of the products.

“We’ve had to look for other resources, other suppliers. What we have seen are that a lot of manufacturers are scaling down, and they’re looking at fewer varieties and looking at what sells the most,” Calvo said.

She warned, though, that although Pay-Less tries as much as possible to be ahead of the curve, the supply chain problem will always be a roller-coaster ride.

“Once we think that things are pretty fluid, all of a sudden there’s a disruption. There have been instances when we’re expecting a shipment and then it gets canceled or the manufacturers can’t feel the entire order. So that’s the challenge,” Calvo said.