The 2016 Guam Monster Energy Motocross Series to Begin February 28th in Umatac


Almost time again for the Monster Energy Motocross Season to begin.

GUAM – The club is anticipating big changes this season to both the the look and feel of the track. Start gates, have been added as well as a banner wall and a bigger club. This year the club is anticipating more than 100 members and looking into more improvements like an additional track, so that members can get the best facility to heighten their abilities in the sport. Round 2 will happen at the home track in Yigo. The hopes are to have the new track design in place by then. Also the number series will be implemented by rank for each class. The Monster Energy Motocross Guam Motocross Championship is a multi round event. Round 1 of 12 will kick the season off and it happens down south in Umatac on February 28th and March 6th. Round 2 will see the race return to the Yigo track.