The Archbishop’s 13 Fare Fairly Well, So Far


Guam – One interesting result of  Saturday’s Primary vote is the outcome for the Archbishop’s 13, the candidates who have taken stands on issues opposed by the Catholic Church.

In a pastoral letter read from the pulpits of the island’s churches the Sunday before Saturday’s primary, Archbishop Anthony Apuron  advised Catholics to “avoid voting for any candidate who intends to support programs or laws that are intrinsically evil.”

Read the letter on the Archdiocese website

The letter admonished voters that a “Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for … an individual law that contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals.”

In particular, the Archbishop cited 5  issues opposed by the Church which he called “non-negotiable.”  Those issues are (1) Abortion, (2) Euthanasia, (3) Embryonic Stem Cell Research, (4) Human Cloning, and (5) Same-Sex Union.

13 Senators are on record as taking stands in support of one or more of those issues.

They are incumbent Democrats Judi Won Pat, Rory Respicio, Judi Guthertz and B.J. Cruz. All of whom placed comfortably within the top 7 on the democratic side of the ledger.

New comer Corinna Gutierrez-Ludwig is also on the list of 13 and she placed 5th in the democratic primary. Democrats Sarah Thomas Nededog, Steven Dierking and Johnathan Diaz all made the cut on the democratic side as well.

On the republican side Aline Yamashita and Shirley Mabini seemed unaffected placing third and ninth respectively.

The 13th is Senator Frank Aguon Jr. who is the Democratic Gubernatorial running mate of former Governor Carl Gutierrez and ran unopposed for the nomination.

The only 2 losers on the list were Republican Dennis Borja and Democrat Jonathan Carriaga.

However, primaries are more about qualifying than winning. And its important to remember that half of those who qualified in the primary will lose in the general election in November.