The Art Hall Is Officially Opened


Good news for artists and lovers of art! As the Arts Hall is officially opened! This follows a ribbon-cutting ceremony held earlier this week.

The project stems as far back as April 2018 – with the offices of the Sinajana Mayor and Vice Mayor applying for funding to build a Central Community Arts Hall.

Here’s PNC’s Althea Engman with the details on this story.

The Art Hall will provide access and opportunity to low and moderate-income individuals to develop and share their creative skills and talents in various forms of the arts, humanities, educational, and civic activities says GHURA Executive Director, Elizabeth Napoli

The Community Arts Hall will be a space ideally designed to host musical or theatrical performances and educational programs coordinated through the island’s NGOs and publicly-sponsored programs.

Elizabeth F. Napoli, GHURA Executive Director said, “It is the first facility of its kind nestled in the village that will serve as a venue for upcoming artists to participate and showcase their talents at events such as recitals, theater productions, literary festivals, music festivals, and so on at almost no cost.”

Not only will this center serve as a hotspot for local talents, but members of the community may also use this space for functions and events that involve community involvement.

Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio said, “I think it’s very important to have places where people can come to be able to sorta refine the talent that they have.”

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero added, “I look forward to seeing young children come up and be artistic in music, dancing, literature, in words, and in singing. That’s what we are all about. I believe working together like Josh said to lift up the lives of our people through the arts.”

With GHURA’s long history of supporting physical fitness by partnering to develop community and regional sports venues across the island,

The Governor adds that she looks forward to what the center will produce, for people of all ages.

Reporting for PNC News
I’m Althea Engman

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