The Chamorro Buck Battalion and Manta Ray Battalion Prepare for National Drill Meet


The CNMI Public School System’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps held its annual drill meet. Two schools from Saipan and Rota will go on to represent the islands in California in April.

Saipan – The Chamorro Buck Battalion and Manta Ray Battalion now prepare to represent the islands and compete against over fifty other teams at the National Drill Meet in Torrance, California in April. 


A total of 5 public schools competed in the tilt, which consisted of unarmed and armed drills comprised of inspection, color guard, platoon regulation, and exhibition drills. 


“This means everything to us. For the past six months we have been practicing. We went through many challenges but managed to pull through,” said Rota Battalion Commander George Bisala reacting to his team’s victory.


Drill Meet Coordinator Command Sergeant Major Richard Basa explained that the primary aim of the drill meet is to develop good character and discipline in the students.


“When they are out there the kids become leaders in that formation. They have experience and leadership while they are doing the drills,” said Basa.


Yvonne R. Pangelinan, Associate Commissioner for Student & Support Services, lauded the cadets and their instructors for their work.


“Everybody put their heart and soul our there,” she said. “The kids really dug deep and put everything they had in the competition.”