The Demolition of the Guam Memorial Hospital’s Long Abandoned Z-Wing 

There are only 3 COVID-related hospitalizations at GMH. (PNC file photo).

Here’s the report on the groundbreaking change.

Over 50 years old and abandoned for a little over half a decade, Guam Memorial Hospital’s Z-Wing saw the start of demolition today.

The building is envisioned to be repurposed into an office space for the hospital and its demolished footprint to be made into additional parking for staff and visitors.

Sister Merrian Arroyo from the Mercy Nuns shared her sentiments about the historical Z-Wing, “This location gave us lots of pride because it was useful and has been and continues to be of great use for our human family.”

The Z-Wing was formerly a convent for nuns along with being a form of the educational setting for kindergarten classes.

The 84,000 square foot replacement project will host an enhanced and sustained array of Hospital Laboratory Services such as enhanced radiological services and New Surgical Arts and Trauma Care Services, to name a few ambitions the project envisions.

Lillian Perez Posadas, Guam Memorial Hospital CEO and Administrator stated and quoted, “Within these walls, there’s grit, tenacity, and resilience.”

The Z-Wing by itself is the single oldest component of the hospital, while capital improvement projects were made to other parts of the hospital.

William Kando, Guam Memorial Hospital Associate Administrator stated and quoted, “We’re so happy to be moving forward with repurposing this abandoned space into not only something useful for our staff and community but something safe and structurally sound for all our needs.”

According to GMH, the successful completion of this project will carry GMH well into the future relative to providing quality healthcare in a safe environment for the people of Guam.

The project is expected to complete in July 2022.

For the Pacific News Center
I’m Devin Eligio