The Force Awakens on Guam as Thousands Flock to ‘Star Wars’ Premiere


‘Edith,’ a Star Wars fan, dresses as Darth Vader and stands in line waiting to see Star Wars Episode VII.

Guam – Last night, only on Guam, the force awakened for thousands of islanders as star wars episode vii premiered in theaters across the island.Whether it was GPO, Agana Shopping Center, or the Micronesia Mall, chances are there were lines of people waiting for one thing, star wars. Residents came out in force dressed as Darth Vader or Princess Lea or other favorite star wars characters.

Star Wars Episode VII is now showing in theaters across Guam.



  1. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were a lot of fun to watch back in 1977 and 1980. The other installments to the Star Wars franchise in my opinion were utter junk. I haven’t seen the latest edition yet but I hope it’s a drastic improvement compared to Stars Wars Episode 1 thru 7.

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