The Island Celebrates Halloween


It’s Halloween today! So load up on candies, dress up in your outrageous costumes and have some fun.–XdxJk



…like these guys and gals from Inarajan. 

At Inarajan Elementary School, they celebrate Halloween with a Trunk-a-Treat, story book character parade, and United Nations Day
Principal Daisy Ramirez says, “Ever since they brought it about, it’s been nice that it’s an enticing thing for all the kids to enjoy.” 
You think those kiddos were adorable? Well, here’s more cuteness! Dr. Tom Shieh held an online baby costume contest and the top 3 with the most likes on Facebook get to win these prizes.
The winners were announced this afternoon and these are the babies that won! First place went to Myles David Macaluso as the Addams family baby!
Second palce is Minnie Mouse Guiliana Jade
and third place is Dylan Maria Cruz as super baby!