The Island Commemorates 9/11


Guam – As today marks the 13th anniversary of the most tragic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, island leaders, first responders and the local community gathered at Adelup for a special ceremony.


The event hosted by the Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense, it’s Americorps’ GHS program, and Serve Guam Commission not only commemorated the events of September 11, but celebrated volunteerism as wel.

At the event, wreaths were presented by island leaders including First Lady of Guam Christine Calvo and a moment of silence was held for those whose lives were lost. 

Also during the ceremony, Acting Governor Ray Tenorio proclaimed September 11 as “National Day of Service and Remembrance” and “Americorps 20th Anniversary.” Tenorio said, “We all celebrate with you the courage that it takes to serve one’s fellow man, to be able to stand up, to help those who have been oppressed. This is a country of freedom, democracy and ability to achieve whatever dream you set yourself to accomplishing. We thank you for doing that but more importantly we thank those who protect you in your ability and endeavor to achieve those goals. We thank you for your courage, not just in the past with veterans, but the current service members, and those in between who makes our country a better place and destination.”

Commander of Joint Region Marianas Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar also recalled the events of 9/11 and said, “The intent of our enemies were not only to murder innocent people, their intent was to break American’s spirit, but they failed. Our nationa’s preserverance, citizenship and patriotism remains stronger than ever. The rebalance represents a renewed committment to create a safe, secure and prosperous world in the memory of almost 3000 live that ended in 9/11. Let us all stay united to defend our nation, our island and people.”

In celebration of Americorps 20th anniversary, Senators presented a Legislative Certificate to Senator Tommy Morrison’s mother, Cecilia Morrison, for establishing Americorps programs on island. To close the ceremony, veterans were called on stage to swear in about 140 members who pledged their service through Americorps. 

Along with the event at Adelup, veterans were also honored at the Guam Vet Center this morning. The center held an Open House to give veterans and their families an opportunity to learn of the services available to them. 

Veteran of the Iraq War Rodney Cruz Jr. said, “I feel very appreciative about it. It’s one of the few agencies that does this every year since 9/11 event happened. It’s very important that we continue to do this because there’s very little education about what’s available to veterans in the community. By doing an open house, it will invite the veterans, the community and the families and show them what we do here to help our veterans that are coming back from the wars.”

From first responders, service members, veterans, volunteers and those in the community whose lives were forever changed, we will never forget 9/11.