The Mangilao Solar Project Lawsuit Results in Settlement

Marbo Cave, one of Guam’s freshwater sites that was enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, was devastated by carelessness and negligence, according to the AG. (Viewer submitted file photo)

A settlement was reached between the Government of Guam vs Samsung E and C America incorporated, and KEPCO Mangilao Solar LLC.

According to the office of the attorney general, a settlement was reached on April 23rd, between the AG, SECAL, and KMS, involving the July 2021 Marbo Cave Incident.

The incident in question was when sediment from the Mangilao Solar Project entered on the adjoining property and Marbo cave.

According to the OAG, the settlement not only fully addresses the damage caused by the incident, but also ensures that the Mangilao Solar Project will continue without further delays.

The OAG further stated, that under the settlement agreement, the Government has agreed to dismiss the case and money will be paid toward environmental and cultural purposes to protect Guam’s cultural and natural resources.

The settlement agreement follows a 9-month extensive clean-up process, also puts an end to 9 months of litigation, and requires both SECAI and the AG to work together to resolve the administrative proceedings.

Moreover, under the settlement, in addition to funds to be paid to GOVGUAM to protect cultural and natural resources, SECAI has also agreed to a settlement with the Contractors License Board and to pay the maximum allowed by the statute to the Guam EPA, which is subject to a final agreement with the agency.