The Roadwork Ahead for August 16-21


Guam – The Department of Public Works has released the following list of construction projects that may cause you some traffic headaches in week ahead:

Work will continue on Marine Corps Drive at the Wusstig Road Intersection.  Travel lanes are restricted to one lane for both the northbound and southbound directions.  Motorists should anticipate increased travel time and short delays when commuting through this construction area.  Construction on this section of Marine Corps Drive is anticipated to continue for several more weeks.

Construction work also continues at Chalan Lujuna for the new traffic signal.  All of this work will be off of the roadway and no impact to traffic is anticipated.


Motorists continue to be advised that Alageta Road is under construction from Chalan Acho Latte to Macheche Road (Route 26).  Traffic heading away from the airport is restricted to one way only for a portion of the project.  Traffic heading toward the airport will need to use the detours on Kalamasa Street and Ahau Street.  Motorists continue to be advised to follow the signs that identify the detour routes and are requested to reduce their speeds when traveling on the local streets.

The intersection of Route 4 and Tutujan (Sinajana) is still under construction.  Travel lanes are restricted to one lane for traffic heading toward Hagatna and Pago Bay.  Motorists should anticipate delays and increased travel time especially during morning and afternoon rush hours until this construction work is completed.  Construction work at this intersection is anticipated to be completed by mid September.  Construction work also continues at various locations on the shoulders of Route 4.  Motorists should anticipate lane restrictions and short delays during daylight hours.

Traffic lanes at the Tri-Intersection will continue to be restricted to one lane in each direction on Routes 8, 10 and 16.  Motorists using this intersection when traveling to and from Harmon, Hagatna and Mangilao will experience delays and increased travel times.  Motorists are encouraged to find alternate routes to reduce congestion and delays.  Motorists should also consider car pooling with co-workers and friends.  Construction on this intersection is currently scheduled to be completed in February of 2011.

Construction work continues in the center of the road at the Barrigada Post Office.  Motorists are requested to follow the construction signs for the shifting lanes and to reduce their speed in the construction area.  This project is currently scheduled for completion in late November.