The Roadwork Ahead for the Week of February 14 – 20


Guam – The Guam Department of Transportation has released the following list of traffic construction sites which may cause travel delays in the week ahead.

Route 25 Alageta Road

Heavy work activity in the area along Alageta Street from Mendioka Street to Chandiya Street continues to be expected while crews work on relocating utilities, construct retaining walls and install storm water systems.  All motorists are advised this area is restricted to one way traffic past Chalan Acho Latte and are requested to not go against the flow of traffic, observe reduced speeds and detours.  Failure to follow the posted traffic signs poses safety hazards to other drivers, residents and the construction crew.  Ahau Lane is still closed to traffic at Alageta Street while construction activities are underway.

Traffic heading toward Route 16/Airport will continue to be detoured onto Bari Asi Street and Acho Latte.  Drivers coming from Route 16/Airport can use Alageta Road all the way to Macheche Road.  Drivers are advised that additional stop signs and 15 mph speed limit signs have been installed along Kalamasa Drive and Uhang Street for safety in the work areas.  DPW requests that drivers be extra careful and observe the posted speed limits and stop for school buses loading and unloading children.

Drivers are advised that Alageta is closed between Acho Latte and Akudi Street between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.  Traffic during this time is detoured to Acho Latte and Bari Asi Street.  Access is provided to only local traffic within the closed roadway section.

Route 4 from McDonalds to Route 10

Construction crews will be paving sections of the northbound roadway shoulders (towards Sinajana) and southbound roadway shoulders (towards Yona). This work will start on Tuesday the 15th weather permitting.

The work is expected to have minimal impact on traffic flow with some lane restrictions. Traffic controls will be in place for the morning and afternoon rush hours. Drivers should plan for reduced speeds and are asked to use caution when approaching the work sites.

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)

Construction work at the Tri-intersection continues with one lane restrictions in each direction.  All businesses however, remain open and are accessible to vehicular traffic during construction.  Drivers should anticipate delays and increased travel time while travelling in this construction area.

Drivers continue to be requested to comply with the “DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ACCESS” sign in front of the Barrigada Fire Station when waiting for the traffic signal to change.  Blocking this area would delay the fire trucks from responding to an emergency.

Route 4 (Yona)

Drivers heading to and from Yona on Route 4 at the outlook and down the hill are advised that traffic lanes are shifted while construction work continues in this area.  Please follow the construction signs and reduce speed while traveling in this area.

Route 2 (Umatac)

Traffic signs are in place advising drivers that the southbound lane in front of the Umatac Base Field is closed while construction crews excavate and backfill the culvert pipe. Motorists travelling in the Route 2 area are also advised that outlet work on the Cetti River culvert below the southbound lane is underway so traffic has been shifted to the left. Drivers are advised to observe all posted traffic signs and expect delays and increased travel time.

Route 17 (Talofofo)

Construction work on Route 17 from Route 4 to Route 4A continues throughout the week.  Drivers are advised that this road work will require changes to traffic patterns and short one lane detours.  Drivers are advised to reduce their speed while traveling on this portion of the cross island road and to expect short delays and increased travel time.

Route 6A (Murray Road) Asan

Motorists are advised that beginning Thursday, February 17, 2011, construction signs will be installed to advise the public of the upcoming closure of Murray Road for the Route 6A Embankment Restoration Project in Asan.   Construction, detour and road closure signs will be installed on Route 6 (Nimitz Hill) uphill and downhill from its intersection with Murray Road.

This project is located on Route 6A (Murray Road) in the village of Asan, from approximately 200 feet east of Hegao Street to approximately 200 feet west of Bir’dan Bayak Road.  The project will repair 220 feet of the westbound roadway and embankment improvements, including installation of 80 linear feet of reinforced concrete retaining wall.

Route 4 Togcha and Talofofo Bridges (Talofofo and Inarajan)

Motorists traveling on Route 4 in Talofofo and Inarajan are advised that beginning February 15th traffic lanes over the Togcha and Talofofo bridges will restricted to one lane.  This restriction in traffic lanes is necessary for the reconstruction of the bridges.  One lane of traffic will be provided across the bridges at all times during construction with traffic being controlled by portable temporary stop lights.  Drivers should anticipate short delays and slightly increased travel time.

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