The Roadwork Ahead for the Week of November 1 – 7


Guam – The Department of Public Works has issued the following notice of traffic trouble spots due to ongoing construction for the week ahead:
Route 1 in Yigo
Construction work will continue at the intersection of Wusstig Road and Marine Corps Drive.  Drivers should anticipate daytime lane closures, delays and increased travel time.  Drivers continue to be advised that left turns from Wusstig Road onto Marine Corps Drive are prohibited.

Route 25 Alageta Road
Construction work continues on Route 25 (Alageta Road).  Drivers traveling to and from the airport are advised that Alageta Road is closed to all but local traffic from Kalamasa Drive to Route 26.  Drivers continue to be advised to use the detours on Kalamasa Street and Ahau Street and are requested to slow down on the local roads.

Route 4 from McDonalds to Route 10
Traffic lanes at the Tutujan (Sinajana) intersection will continue to be restricted to one lane in each direction.  Drivers heading to and from Hagatna are advised to follow the detour signs placed for the closed lanes and to merge early into the thru lanes.  Drivers should to anticipate delays and increased travel time as a result of these lane restrictions.

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)
Construction work for the new concrete pavement will continue on Route 10 and on Route 8A next to Happy Mart.  Drivers should be aware that heavy construction traffic will be leaving and entering the roadway.  Drivers are advised to look out for the flaggers and follow the stop or slow directions given.  Drivers should anticipate additional delays as a result of this construction work.

Traffic lanes on the other portions of this intersection will continue to be restricted to one lane in each direction.  Drivers should anticipate long delays, and increased travel time.  Persons traveling toward the intersection on Route 16 are requested not to stop in front of the fire station while waiting for the signal to change.

Route 4 (Yona)
Drivers heading uphill and downhill on Route 4 between the Pago River and Yona are advised that traffic lanes are restricted to one lane in each direction.  This lane restriction is near the lookout currently but will be extended down the hill as construction work proceeds.  Drivers traveling on this section of Route 4 are advised to follow the construction signs and be aware that will heavy construction equipment will be entering and exiting the road.  Drivers should anticipate increased travel time and delays due to this restriction for the uphill lane.