The Roadwork Ahead: January 24 – 31


Guam – The Guam Department of Public Works has released the following list of road construction sights that might cause traffic headaches for island motorists in the week ahead.

Route 25 Alageta Road

Construction on Alageta road has progressed with asphalt road surfacing completed from Chalan Akudi to Macheche.  Work activity will continue as construction crews excavate, install storm drains and relocate water lines.  All motorists are requested to not go against the flow of traffic as it poses safety hazards to other drivers, residents and the construction crew. Please observe and follow all posted construction signs including reduced speeds in the construction zone particularly to the detour signs and the reduced speeds on local streets.

Traffic heading toward Route 16/Airport will continue to be detoured onto Bari Asi Street and Acho Latte.  Drivers coming from Route 16/Airport can now use Alageta Road all the way to Macheche Road.  Drivers are advised that additional stop signs and 15 mph speed limit signs have been installed along Kalamasa Drive and Uhang Street for safety in the work zone.  Please be extra careful and observe the posted speed limits and stop for school buses loading and unloading children.

Access to Bello Market continues to be provided through the construction area.

Route 4 from McDonalds to Route 10

All traffic lanes are open and all traffic signals are under normal operation.  No delays are expected.  

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)

Traffic lanes at the Tri-Intersection continue to be restricted to one lane in each direction as construction progresses on the new roadway pavement.  Drivers need to account for increased travel time and delays due to this construction work.  Drivers are advised to comply with the “DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ACCESS” in front of the Barrigada Fire Station when waiting for the traffic signal to change.  The public is also reminded that all businesses remain open and are accessible to vehicular traffic during construction.

Route 4 (Yona)
As construction for the roadway widening and pavement strengthening on Route 4 downhill from the look-out continues this week, drivers heading to and from Yona are advised to follow the construction signs that shift the lanes of traffic and reduce their speeds in the construction area.

Route 2 (Umatac)
The northbound lane at the Umatac Baseball Field will be closed as workers install a new culvert at this site.  Drivers using Route 2 in Agat and Umatac should look in advance for posted construction signs and expect delays and increased travel time due to this construction work.

Route 17 (Talofofo)
Construction work on Route 17 from Route 4 to Route 4A may require daytime lane closures and one way traffic in the construction areas.  Drivers should anticipate lane restrictions, and increased travel time.

Route 16 (GMF / Guam Army National Guard)

Construction crews continue installation of loop sensor wiring, traffic light adjustments and other miscellaneous road work at the Route 16 – GMF / Guam Army National Guard intersection.  Drivers are asked to observe posted traffic signs, expect shifting lanes and short delays.

Route 1 (Wusstig Road and Chalan Lajuna Intersections)
Drivers are advised that the traffic signals at Wusstig Road and Chalan Lajuna have been turned on.  Please use caution at these intersections and observe and follow these new traffic signals.

For more information contact:

The Guam Transportation Information Center
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