The Roadwork Ahead: Monday May 2 – Saturday May 7


Guam – The Department of Public works has issued the following advisory of road construction projects that may cause traffic headaches in the week ahead.


Route 25 Alageta Road
All lanes and streets are open for traffic on Alageta Road.  However, drivers are advised that construction in the area is ongoing and are requested to observe posted speed limits, stop for school buses loading and unloading children and be aware of construction workers near the roadway.

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)
Lanes of traffic at the Tri-Intersection continue to be restricted to one lane in each direction. Motorists can expect delays and increased travel time when driving through this area.

Drivers are requested to stop behind the painted stop lines and the “Stop Here on Red” signs at the intersection.  These lines and signs have been placed so that trucks and buses have enough room to make the turn at the intersection.

All businesses fronting the construction area remain open and are accessible during construction.

Route 4 (Yona)
Drivers should anticipate increased travel time and short delays while traveling on Route 4 in Yona.  Traffic will be controlled by flaggers during daylight hours at the intersection of Route 4 and 17 as construction work continues in this area.

Route 2 (Umatac)
Motorists traveling on Route 2 in Umatac are requested to reduce their speed and follow the traffic signs in the construction areas. Traffic is restricted to one lane for northbound and southbound travel; drivers are advised to stop at the stop signs and proceed only when there is no traffic in this single lane.

Route 17 (Talofofo)
Motorists traveling near the intersection of Route 4 and Route 17 can anticipate shifting lanes, short one lane closures and brief delays as roadwork continues in this area. Motorists are requested to reduce their speed and be aware of heavy construction equipment and workers on or near the roadway.

Route 6A (Murray Road) Asan
Route 6A Murray Road construction continues this week.  Drivers are advised that this portion of Murray Road is closed to traffic as the contractor works to repair this roadway.  DPW requests that motorists observe all construction, detour and road closure signs.

Route 4 Togcha and Talofofo Bridges (Talofofo and Inarajan)
Motorists are advised that Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd, the Talofofo Bridge will be closed from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. due to the partial demolition of the bridge. Road closure is necessary to ensure the safety of the public and the construction crew as they work to remove portions of the existing bridge.

Drivers are urged to slow down and proceed with caution and seek alternative routes during the 2-hour road closure. Traffic controls will be in place to assist in the direction and flow and to ensure a smooth transition. Delays and increased travel time should be anticipated while travelling in this area.

San Vitores Rd.-Tumon Phase ll:
Drivers are advised to reduce their speed, watch for pedestrians and proceed with caution when even if all traffic lanes are open in the construction area.  The next phase of construction will begin after details are approved for the final pavement surface.

Route 4 Ylig Bridge (Yona)
Route 4 Ylig Bridge construction continues this week.  Motorist may see daytime lane closures and experience short delays resulting from this construction work. Residents around the area may experience power outages during the weekend as the crews work on the power lines. Preparations are being made to completely detour traffic onto a temporary bridge that is expected to be in place for traffic in 3 ½ months.