The Roadwork Ahead: Monday October 10 – Sunday October 16


Guam – The Guam Department of Public Works has issued the following notice of road construction projects that may cause traffic congestion in the week ahead.


Route 25 Alageta Road
Drivers on Route 25 are advised to observe the posted 25MPH speed limit and all construction signs.

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)
Traffic on Route 8 and Route 16 in the Barrigada Tri-Intersection area will be shifted to the outside lanes.  Traffic will remain one lane in each direction while the contractor performs work on the median islands.  However, from Guam Fire Department to the Tri Intersection there will be a right turn lane only in addition to the one thru lane.

Traffic on Route 10 will be opened with two lanes of travel in both directions both to and from the tri-intersection.

Beginning at the Route 8A intersection (Happy Mart), Route 16 will open to two lanes traveling toward the Army National Guard Readiness Center and the U.S. Post Office Guam Main Facility (GMF).

Motorists traveling through the Tri-Intersection construction area are reminded to not block the intersections of the side streets and stop behind the painted stop lines and the “Stop Here on Red” signs at the intersection.  These lines and signs have been placed so that trucks and buses have enough room to safely make turns at the intersection.

All businesses fronting the construction area remain open and are accessible during construction.

Route 2 (Umatac)
Route 2 Cetti Bay Culvert

Route 2 Cetti Bay Culvert construction continues with two lanes of travel open to traffic.  Drivers are advised to observe all posted construction signs and reduce speed for safety.

Route 2 Umatac Baseball Culvert

Motorists traveling through the Umatac Baseball culvert construction site are requested reduce speed, observe all construction signs and to be aware of workers on the road shoulders.

Route 2 Cetti Rock Catchments Wall

Daytime traffic shifts and lane changes continue to be in effect for traffic traveling south of the Cetti Bay Culvert construction area. Drivers are urged to reduce their speed and change lanes when needed.  Delays and increased travel time can be anticipated.

Route 2 Sella Bay Culvert
Route 2 traffic along the Sella Bay Culvert will be reduced to one lane. Drivers traveling through this construction area are advised to use caution and observe all traffic control signs placed in advance of the lane closure including all warning, directional, speed and stop signs.

Route 17 (Talofofo)

Road construction continues at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 17. Drivers traveling through this area can anticipate shifting lanes, short one lane closures and brief delays.

Route 4 Togcha and Talofofo Bridges (Talofofo and Inarajan)
Temporary stop lights continue to control single lane traffic traveling northbound and southbound on Route 4 at the Talofofo and Togcha Bridges construction sites. Drivers can anticipate increased travel and short delays when traveling through these areas.

Route 6A (Murray Road) Asan
Route 6A Murray Road remains closed while construction work is in progress. Drivers are advised to observe all construction, detour and road closure signs.

Route 4 Ylig Bridge (Yona)
The temporary bridge and detour at Ylig Bridge remains open to traffic while construction on the permanent bridge continues. Daytime lane closures and short delays can be anticipated when traveling through this area.

Route 7A
Construction on the Route 7A Roadway Rehabilitation and Safety Project from Route 4 near the Agana Shopping Center past the Agana Pool and Mayor’s Office to Route 8 continues with much of the route restricted to one-way traffic. Drivers traveling through this area can expect traffic lane shifts and increased travel times throughout the course of construction. Motorists are encouraged to seek alternative routes.

Route 14B
Route 14B access from San Vitores Road (Hilton intersection to SDA) has been limited to vehicles weighing 10 tons or below. This section of the road is very narrow and was designed for residential traffic only.  Access and egress for vehicles above 10 tons must be made from Marine Corps Drive. Signs have been posted and will be enforced.