The Roadwork Ahead: October 4 – 9


Guam – The Department of Public Works has released the following list of traffic trouble spots for the week ahead.

Route 1 in Yigo
Construction work is ongoing at the Wusstig Road intersection on Marine Corps Drive.  Travel lanes continue to be restricted to one lane for both the northbound and southbound directions.  Drivers approaching Marine Corps Drive from Wusstig road are advised that only right turns are allowed at the intersection.   Drivers approaching Marine Corps Drive from Wusstig Road are advised that left turns onto Route 1 continue to be prohibited.

Route 25 Alageta Road
Construction work continues for the roadway and drainage improvements on Alageta Road between Kalamasa Drive and Route 26.  Drivers are advised that this section of Alageta Road is closed to all but local traffic.  Drivers continue to be advised to follow the detour signs that direct traffic to the alternate routes on Kalamasa Street and Ahau Street.  Persons traveling on the local streets are requested to follow the detour signs and reduce their speeds on the local streets.

Route 4 from McDonalds to Route 10
Construction work continues on Route 4 at the Tutujan (Sinajana) intersection will be ongoing.  Traffic lanes will continue to be restricted to one lane in each direction.  Drivers are advised to follow the construction signs for the shifting lanes and to merge early into the thru travel lanes.

Construction work continues on other sections of Route 4 at various locations.  Drivers should anticipate daytime lane closures and short delays.

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)
Construction work will be ongoing on Route 8, 10 and 16 at the Tri-Intersection.  Travel lanes will continue to be restricted to one lane for all directions at the intersection.  Drivers traveling to or from Harmon, Hagatna and Mangilao should anticipate delays and substantially increased travel time due to these lane restrictions.  Drivers are encouraged to find alternate routes and consider car-pooling to reduce traffic congestion.