The Roadwork Ahead: Monday July 25 – Sunday July 31


Guam – The  Guam Department of Public Works has released the following list of road constrcution projects which may cause traffic congestion in the week ahead.
Traffic advisory for July 25 – 31, 2011

Route 8/10/16 (Tri-Intersection)
Motorists traveling through the Tri-Intersection on Route 8 and 16 can expect delays and increased travel time as traffic continues to be restricted to one lane in each direction. Traffic on Route 10 from Mangilao includes a left-turn onto Route 8 and a right-turn lane onto Route 16 to help increase traffic flow through the intersection.  Drivers traveling through the Tri-Intersection are urged to reduce their speed and proceed cautiously as construction continues.

Drivers are requested to stop behind the painted stop lines and the “Stop Here on Red” signs at the intersection.  These lines and signs have been placed so that trucks and buses have enough room to make the turn at the intersection.

All businesses fronting the construction area remain open and are accessible during construction.

Route 25 Alageta Road
Drivers on Route 25 Alageta Road are requested to maintain their speeds at the posted 25 MPH speed limit.  Construction work is continuing at various locations and drivers are requested to be aware of construction workers and heavy equipment on the roadway.

Route 2 (Umatac)
Route 2 Umatac Baseball Culvert

Umatac Baseball Culvert construction continues this week.  Drivers traveling through this area are urged to reduce their speed and observe all posted construction signs. Delays and increased travel time should be expected.

Route 2 Cetti Rock Catchments Wall
Daytime traffic shifts and lane changes are in effect for traffic traveling south of the Cetti Bay Culvert construction area. Delays and increased travel time can be anticipated as drivers are urged to reduce their speed and change lanes when needed.

Route 2 Cetti Bay Culvert
Motorists traveling through Route 2 at the Cetti Bay Culvert can anticipate shifting lanes as traffic control measures direct traffic away from the active construction area. Drivers are advised to reduce speed to the posted limits.  Drivers should expect delays and increased travel time.

Route 17 (Talofofo)

Roadwork will continue this week near the intersection of Route 4 and Route 17 in Talofofo. Motorists are requested to reduce their speed and be aware of heavy construction equipment and workers on or near the roadway.  Shifting lanes, short one lane closures and brief delays can be expected when traveling in this area.

Route 4 Togcha and Talofofo Bridges (Talofofo and Inarajan)
Traffic at the Togcha and Talofofo Bridges continues to be restricted to one lane for both northbound and southbound traffic.  Temporary stop lights are in place with timing monitored and adjusted to minimize delays. Drivers should anticipate single lane traffic, increased travel time and short delays when traveling on these sections of Route 4.

Route 6A (Murray Road) Asan
Route 6A Murray Road remains closed while construction work is in progress. Drivers are advised to observe all construction, detour and road closure signs.

Route 4 Ylig Bridge (Yona)
Drivers on Route 4 Ylig Bridge can expect daytime lane closures and short delays when traveling through this area as the temporary bridge and approaches are nearly complete. Traffic is anticipated to be re-routed onto the temporary bridge and detours at the end of July.

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