The Second Official Gubernatorial Ticket has been Filed for Candidacy


The second official gubernatorial ticket has been filed for candidacy.

Here’s the update from the Election Commission

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The lone Republican team of former Governor Felix Camacho and current senator Tony Ada came to the Guam Election Commission to file their ticket for the Gubernatorial Election.

The Camacho-Ada team was joined this morning by their family, friends, colleagues along with former Governor Eddie Calvo showing up for support.

Camacho told those in attendance that the island needs CPR and had Ada explain what that means.

Senator Tony Ada, Republican Party of Guam stated, “Christ, prayer, and a Republican governor, and Felix Camacho will be the next governor of Guam!”

Should he win, this wouldn’t be Felix Camacho’s first time in Adelup. Camacho served two consecutive 4-year terms as the island’s Governor from January 2003 to January 2011.

When asked about his return to the political scene, Camacho expressed that, “it’s the right time” and “it’s the right season.”

Camacho stated, “These are dark times but we believe that we bring in our faith, we bring in our experience, we bring in the willingness to serve. We are servant leaders.”

Running mate Tony Ada shared that, with the federal funds soon to run out, it is important that the island build and strengthen foundations and build upon the general fund he stated, “If we don’t we’re going to see a lot of hurt and we don’t want that. We don’t want to get to that point.”

Camacho expressed that the shape of the legislature will change — that conservative ideals will retake the Legislature. Camacho said that both nationally and locally, there will be a “RED WAVE” Camacho added, “People have seen this liberal-progressive type of leadership and what it’s led to. Total destruction of the economy nationally and locally.”

Camacho and Ada shared that their platform can be expected on July 7th with details on how they will improve the island.

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