The Primary Outcome: 1 GOP Team Will Get Benched, And 8 Senatorial Candidates Will Step Aside Too


Guam – One GOP Gubernatorial team will lose tonight and 8 Senatorial candidates will also step to the sidelines when the votes are all in.

A primary election is really a way for political parties to pick who will run for their party in the general election.

In some states the primary is a closed election which means that only people from that party can participate in choosing who will represent their party in the general election.

On Guam however we have what is called an open primary. That  means that you can vote in any party’s election whether or not you are a member of that party. Both parties candidates appear on the ballot but you can only vote for one party which is why you can’t cross over.

On Guam we have two political parties democrat and republican. For this primary each party has fielded a total of 19 candidates for senator.

Each party will only be able to send 15 candidates to the general election.

That means in each party four candidates will be eliminated which in turn means that a total of  8 candidates for senator will be eliminated.

The remaining 30 candidates will compete in the general election in November to fill fifteen seats in the legislature. There are 11 incumbent running for re-election.

Joe San Agustin is one of the democrat candidates for senator who is not an incumbent. He told us “I honestly believe that the people feel that this is their opportune time to grade the elected officials in the past.”

Chris Duenas is a republican candidate for Senator who is also not an incumbent. “I’m really upbeat,” said Duenas, “I’m really excited, hoping to do well today. You know I’ve been around. This is my third stop right now. I have a lot of energy, and a lot of excitement I’m just happy for today.”

Then there is the race for the Governor’s office.

The democrats have only fielded one team for this office the team of former Governor Carl Guttierez and Senator Frank Aguon Jr. they are not running against anyone in the primary election.

The republicans on the other hand have two teams going head to head.  Senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio are competing against Lt. Governor Mike Cruz and Senator Jim Espaldon. One of these teams will advance to the general election in November where they will face Guttierez and Aguon to find out who will be the next Governor and Lt. Governor of Guam.