‘The Sihek’ book invites us to look beyond outward appearances


A children’s book titled “The Sihek” invites us to look beyond outward appearances.

The sihek is a bird only found on Guam. This is a children’s book about the sihek that leaves its home for the first time.

It discovers this thing that doesn’t look like him. So, out of curiosity and concern, it approaches and asks this thing why they do not look like each other but speak the same language.

The basis of the story is we can look different but still have things in common.

The children’s book was written by GDOE classroom teacher Frank Candaso.

The 35-year-old published the book in late December of last year and it was released about two weeks ago.

Candaso says the COVID-19 pandemic played its own part in achieving his long-time goal.

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“Over the summer, with distance learning and everything, whenever I do my videos, I would include a song I wrote to kind of help a lesson. I have also been doing graphic arts for a while so this book allowed me to marry the two. I got the opportunity to get this going,” Candaso

In addition to “The Sihek” Book, Candaso also created a digital coloring book.

In the coloring book are all characters found in the book, some space to write your own book, draw your own cover, and also some math activities for the youth.

The project is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Guam CAHA, the government of Guam, and the office of the Governor.

For more details, you can visit their website at discoverthesihek.com