VIDEO: Wording for Prop A Published — the “For-Profit” Bingo Initiative; Iriarte Declares Delegate Run, as a Write-In


Guam – The Guam Election Commission has published what they have been calling the “Ballot Title” for Proposition A, the for profit Bingo initiative.

The “Ballot Title” is actually the wording of the ballot initiative itself. The wording was approved by the GEC at its Board meeting this past Monday.

It’s pretty straight forward. The ballot will read: “Shall proposal A be adopted by the voters of Guam. Yes or no.”

And the ballot will also include a 100 word description of the initiative itself explaining that passage would allow “for-profit” Bingo at the former Greyhound Park as well as at any adjacent property that is acquired by the owners of the Park.


READ the wording for Prop A, the for profit Bingo initiative, below:

Shall proposal A be adopted by the voters of Guam:

Proposal A

Initiative to approve for-profit bingo at the former Greyhound Park and any adjacent property that is acquired by the owners of  the park.

Defines gross bingo income as value of  wagers minus value of prizes paid out.

Gross bingo income is taxed at 20% , current Guam tax laws apply to other forms of  income.

Bingo tax revenue placed in newly created Guam Bingo fund, from which expenditures are controlled 30%  by  GMH Board,  30%  by  education policy Board, 30%  by  GPD & GFD , 10% to Department of  Revenue and Taxation (DRT) for expenses. DRT will regulate Bingo operations.

Any voter or group of voters any, less than forty-five (45)days prior to the election at which the measure is to be presented to the voters, prepare and file with the election commission an argument for or against this initiative. The argument shall not exceed five (500) words in length  

YES                       NO


The gross Bingo income would be taxed at 20% and placed in the “Guam Bingo Fund.” 30% of the proceeds from the Bingo fund would go to the GMH Board,  another 30% would go to the Education Policy Board, another 30% would be split between the Guam Fire and Police Departments and the remaining 10% would go to the Department of Revenue and Taxation for expenses.

The wording also reminds voters who oppose commercial Bingo that they can file their objections to the initiative up to 45 days prior to the general election on November 6th.

Another Person Announces Intent to Run for Guam Delegate, as a Write-In:

The Guam Delegate’s race has also gotten more crowded. GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan Friday said she got an email from Patrick Iriarte Wednesday who said he intends to run for Delegate, on the Democratic ticket, as a write-in.


Iriarte has to get 50%  plus 1 of  the votes to advance to the general election. That will be a tall-order since he will be up against incumbent democrat Madeleine Bordallo and democrat challenger Karlo Dizon both of whom will have their name on the ballot above the write-in line.


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3.B in go tax reven u e p laced in n ew ly created G u am B in go fu n d, fro m w h ich
exp en ditu res are co n tro lled 30% b y G M H B o ard, 30% b y E du catio n P o licy
B o ard, 30% b y G P D & G F D , 10% to D ep artm en t o f R even u e an d Taxatio n
(D R T ) fo rexp en ses.D R T w illregu late B in go O p eratio n s.
A ny voterorgroup ofvotersany,lessthan forty-five (45)dayspriorto the election atw hich the
m easure is to be presented to the voters,prepare and file w ith the E lection C om m ission an
argum entfor oragainstthisinitiative.T he argum entshallnotexceed five (500)w ordsin length