There Are No Working Lights at the Dededo Skate Park


Regular park users say they face trouble from people who walk through the alcohol free zone, drunk. 

Guam – The Dededo Skatepark is now without any working lights. According to regular park users, the last working light burned out causing the skatepark to effectively close down.


Back in May, there was one light at the Dededo Skatepark , now there are none. A Facebook post shows the Dededo Skate park at night, dark and empty. Regular skaters now have to leave at night, which coincidentally, is an ideal time to skate because of the relaxed heat.\

The park has long been the subject to vandalism and sub par conditions. Skaters and residents have voiced concerns about the lack of proper lighting, broken alcohol bottles in the middle of the park, even though the area is an ‘alcohol free zone.’

So what is being done to fix these many issues plaguing one of only two skate parks on Guam?

“I did speak to DPR, the department of parks and recreation this week, They are working on an RFP request or have sent out an rfp to get a contractor to make an assessment and do some kind of repair. Once those are in then they should be able to get the lights back up,” says Savares. “In the past we were able to buy new bulbs, we could do those things but because its more than just the light bulb change, they need to change the ballast out. That’s more things that need to get done which is more costly.”

Department of Parks and Recreation Director Bob Lizama says Monster Energy is funding the repairs for the lights. Lizama says he met with Monster Rep Joe McDonald Wednesday morning. He says the design and pricing of the project is almost complete.

The Dededo skate park was built eight years ago using a community block grant fund from GHURA.  In just eight years, all 12 of the parks lights slowly burned out or were broken.

Regular park users say they face trouble from people who walk through the alcohol free zone drunk.  Lizama says DNR will be replacing the alcohol free zone signs in the area as well.  

Meanwhile, Savares says the Dededo skate park is not the only park facing lighting issues.

 “Not just the skate park. We have the same problem with the sports complex walking trails. The contract with the solar lights there is already expired and there are some deficiencies in the panels and they are making repairs to that as well,” says Savares.