There’s a New Allergist on Guam


Dr. Caroline Tolosa-Gloria will be seeing patients once a month at the IHP Clinic in Harmon.

Guam – If you or someone you know is an allergy sufferer, there may be some relief coming for you.


That’s right, there’s a new allergist in town who will begin seeing patients next month. Her name is Dr. Caroline Tolosa-Gloria and she will be practicing our of IHP Clinic in Harmon.

For now, Dr. Gloria will only be seeing patients once a month for three days at a time. Dr. Gloria says she would like to establish a patient base on Guam first before she expands her time on Guam.

She currently practices in the Philippines and is a US board certified after having practiced for several years in Colorado.

Dr. Gloria says she was approached by a friend about practicing on Guam because the island lacked one. 

Dr. Gloria will begin seeing patients at IHP Clinic in Harmon from July 22 through the 24.

For more information or to book an appointment, you can call IHP at 633-4447.