There’s a Shortage of Nurses at GMH


For now, GMH nurses will have to work overtime to make up for the shortage.

Guam – The shortage of nurses was once again highlighted at a Guam Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees meeting last Thursday.


While it’s another one of the hospital’s ongoing issues, administrators and board members talked about the interim scheduling they’ve created to make up for the shortage of nurses. GMH has had to rotate nurses for overtime to ensure that the hospital is properly staffed at all times.

While It’s not ideal, GMH management says it’s the best they could do for now. Nursing management said GMH nurses will submit their availability to work overtime. At the beginning of each day, a nursing supervisor will look at the schedule to see who’s available to work overtime and will then start making phone calls based on a list.

GMH nursing management also informed the board of trustees that they have a sort of partnership with the Guam Community College and University of Guam for training nursing students.

They also informed the board that they are actively recruiting nurses to fill the gaps.