Therese Terlaje obtains the Gavel – with aid from Republican Senators


The race for Speaker of the new Legislature is now over – with Therese Terlaje in a vote of 9 to 6 obtaining the gavel for the 37th Guam Legislature.

Following Monday’s inauguration ceremony, a three way race for the position of Speaker occured between Senators Therese Terlaje (D), Joe San Agustin (D) and Frank Blas Jr (R).

During Monday’s vote, Senator San Agustin got the Democratic Majority with a total of 6 votes.

Those 6 votes are as follows:

New Senators Roy Quinata, Will Parkinson, and Dwayne San Nicolas.

And Incumbents Amanda Shelton, Tina Muna Barnes, and San Agustin himself.

Terlaje, on Monday, only gained 3 votes from Chris Barnett and Sabina Perez as well as from herself.

Meanwhile, the Republican party in solidarity nominated and voted in Minority Leader Frank Blas Jr.

The Legislature ultimately adjourned on Monday, because in order for one to become Speaker they would need a total of 8 votes.

The 37th Legislature then came back together today, where Terlaje was then voted in with a total of 9 votes, and received full backing from the Republican party.

As for who will become Vice-Speaker, Tina-Muna Barnes received unanimous support from all 15 lawmakers present.

Democratic Senator – Shelton was also voted in as the 37th Legislature Secretary with unanimous support.


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