Thieves steal holiday decorations again; Santa Barbara Catholic School unfazed

A number of Christmas decorations were stolen at the Santa Barbara Catholic School. (PNC photo)

Stolen holiday decorations won’t break the Christmas spirit of this Catholic school.

Though a number of Christmas decorations were stolen at the Santa Barbara Catholic School, hope wasn’t lost for the Santa Barbara family as they remember what Christmas truly is about.

Santa Barbara Catholic School Principal Sr. Maria Rosario Gaite says the theft happened on Monday evening, possibly after 11 pm when they turned off all of their Christmas lights.

“Early Tuesday morning, our maintenance staff was doing his rounds when he realized there was a break-in. He discovered that all of our inflatables were stolen. Aside from that, some spotlights, some special effects Christmas lights, the  Santa … all of them were stolen,” Gaite said.

After the discovery, Gaite posted news of the theft on the Santa Barbara Facebook page. She also urged the SBCS community to not be discouraged as they should remember why they celebrate the holiday season.

“We will not let whatever the thieves did to Santa Barbara Catholic Church School dampen our spirit because there is hope and joy during this Christmas season,” Gaite said.

Additionally, Sr. Gaite says that she started getting a great outpouring of support from their students, staff, families, and even from outside the SBCS community immediately after news of the theft was posted.

“Some are considering donating more lights for this section of the village. I’m hoping that we will be able to have it up soon so we can continue to provide some type of joy and some expression of cheer for the families at this time of pandemic,” Gaite said.

As a security measure, the Catholic school is keeping its Christmas lights on every evening.

Sr. Gaite wants the public to know they are still accepting Christmas donations. If you are interested in donating, contact them through their Facebook page.