Thieves Steel Wiring From Tiyan High


Governor Eddie Calvo is calling on GPD and others to help catch the culprits who stole wiring from Tiyan High. 

Guam – Thieves have stolen wiring from two recently refurbished sports fields at Tiyan High.



 Governor Eddie Calvo issued a statement today calling for the Guam Police Department to work with other agencies to track down the thieves. The Governor stated “this is a crime against the People of Guam,” and “I want us to go after them, find out where these wires are and hold everyone who is a party to this crime accountable.” An official unveiling ceremony of the new fields was in the works but it will have to be postponed until they can find a way to replace the wires and other equipment that was damaged.


  1. If these individuals are ever caught, they should be hung upside down until the blood drains into their empty heads. I’m sick and tired of hearing about these thefts/vandalism and GDOE hasn’t even put in security systems at all the schools even though the money was appropriated years ago. Pathetic!

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