Third sex abuse complaint filed against former chancellor Father Adrian Cristobal


Guam – A third complaint of sexual abuse has been lodged against former Archdiocesan Chancellor Father Adrian Cristobal.

According to court documents, the victim, who’s identified by his initial J.E. alleges the abuse took place between 1995 and 1997 when he was an altar boy at San Vicente and San Roke Church in Barrigada.

J.E. claims that he was sexually abused by Cristobal at both the Barrigada Parish and at the priest’s residents. He alleges that Cristobal would ask him to massage his back, after which the priest would “grope, fondle, and squeeze J.E.’s private parts,” causing extreme pain and eventually led to the boy’s incontinence.

J.E. also claims that on one occasion, Cristobal invited J.E. and other altar serves to a retreat at his private beach in Ipan. The documents further state that J.E. recalls the priest summoning the boys one by one into a big tent. Although he says he refused to go when his name was called, he allegedly recalls hearing some of the boys saying, “Stop! No!”

J.E. says he felt humiliated that Cristobal inflicted on him and wanted to quit being an altar boy, he learned that one of the benefits of him serving mass was lower tuition costs at San Vicente Catholic School, which he was attending.

J.E.’s is the 169th case of sexual abuse filed against the Archdiocese of Agana. He is seeking damages of $5 million.