This Year’s IMAs will be Bigger and More Interactive Than Ever Before


Guam’s only award show recognizing local musicians and dancers is this Sunday at the Lotte Hotel.

Guam – Final preparations are being made for this year’s Island Music Awards, and it’s shaping up to be the biggest night for local music and dance.   


It’s the only award show honoring Guam’s new and iconic musicians, and the 2015 IMAs is larger and more interactive than ever before.  Awards will be given to the bands, DJs, and dance groups in 12 categories.  Power 98’s Program Director Kyle Mandapat is producing the show, and says that means all parts of the performing arts will be recognized this year.

“We’ve got a great line up of performers, from all areas of music here on Guam, from the reggae scene, to the local music scene — as far as Chamorro music is concerned.  Candy Taman is back.  We’re gonna have some rock music there, some pop music there — a whole bunch of everything that makes Guam awesome, all on one stage: at the IMAs,” Mandapat said.

But how are the winners selected?  You choose who gets the honors.

“This show is 100 percent fan decided.  Every vote is a people’s choice vote, because that’s where we’re getting our winners from.  We’ve had the opportunity to meet some of our voters at some of our IMA touring stops, and at the same time, online voting remains open at,” Mandapat added.  “And this year, we actually have a special category: it’s the People’s Choice Entertainer of the year.  For the first time, everybody who’s nominated for any category is eligible for this one, and to vote for that you just got to log on to the Current Guam Facebook page.”

One of the most important awards is dubbed the Island Icon — a lifetime achievement award of sorts recognizing Guam’s most seasoned and beloved musicians.  Past honorees include Candy Taman, D.U.B., JD Crutch, and Patrick Palomo.

“I’m telling you, right now, to think back to my childhood, personally, the soundtrack of my life — 98 percent of it: Jesse and Ruby.  I can’t wait for this Sunday when we get the chance to see them do their thing — to show some of these young guns how it’s done.  With Jesse and Ruby, along with Rose Certeza taking their rightful spot as Island Icons, couldn’t ask for a better show,” Mandapat said.

Another major category: Best Original Song.  Joyce Torres from Friends with Instruments is a relative newcomer to the music scene.  She’s part of a crop of musicians putting out original material through EPs and social media.

“To be nominated for two things, and for original song, I think it really goes to showcase how much we’re pushing ourselves,” Torres told PNC.  “To see that Guam recognizes that we’re trying, it’s such an honor to see something that was just a thought in our heads, became something people hear, something that people reference, I think the fact that people enjoyed it so much was our favorite part.  So the fact to be nominated is the icing on the top; the fact that people like it is the best.”

And while there will be plenty of entertainment, with performances from Friends with Instruments;  Dan, Dee, and Matt; Top Flight Entertainment; Candy Taman and more — the event is also going to help a good cause.

“I’m really appreciative that this year the ticket prices are a little bit cheaper, but also that they’re gonna go to Guam Cancer Care,” Torres mentioned.  “I feel like with ‘My Story’ and all of that coming together, really goes to showcase that [the IMAs] isn’t only a local musician-driven thing, but it’s a locally-driven event.  It’s for Guam, about Guam — and you can’t really ask for anything better than that, right?”

The 2015 IMAs is this Sunday at the Lotte Hotel.  Doors open at 7 p.m.  Tickets are $10 and as we mentioned, proceeds will benefit Guam Cancer Care.