Thomas Mark Mendiola arrested for police assault


Thomas Mark Mendiola Taitano was arrested Friday, April 8th, for the 3rd-degree felony of assaulting a police officer. He faces misdemeanor charges for eluding a police officer and resisting arrest.

According to the magistrate’s report, at approximately 12:41 am last Friday, police observed a red car traveling on Ysengsong road in Dededo. Officers noticed that the car did not have any tail lights, the license plate was not illuminated, and the windshield appeared to have been shattered obstructing the driver’s view.

According to court documents, when officers attempted to pull the car over, the operator of the car led police on a chase through Dededo.

Eventually, the male driver, who was later identified as Taitano, hopped out of the vehicle and ran into a jungle area behind a house in the village of Dededo.

According to court documents, Taitano refused to comply with officers and assaulted one officer and charged at another one while being belligerent.

A taser gun was used, and Taitano was eventually subdued and arrested.