Thousands Participate in Annual Earthquake Preparedness Drill – “The Great Guam Shakeout 2013”


Guam – Thousands of  island students, GovGuam emoployees and other residents dropped, covered and held on at 10:17am this morning for the “Great Guam Shakout,”  an earthquake preparedness drill that is conducted worldwide.

All the island’s public schools, GovGuam agencies and many other local busineses signed up to participate in the excercise. The drill lasted for only a minute.

The “Shakeout” is sponsored by Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense and GHS/OCD is encouraging all residents to increase earthquake preparedness and response by practicing how to protect themselves during an earthquake and how to take the necessary steps to ensure an earthquake disaster does not become a catastrophe.

HEAR the PSA on “The Great Guam Shakeout” HERE>>>10-17 ghs – great guam shakeout drill.mp3

GHS/OCD says this was the largest earthquake drill in history with more and more organizations signing up for the drill every year. Close to 8 million other people have been registered to participate in the drill as the clock strikes 10:17am on October 17th throughout the rest of the world.