Thousands participate in Great Guam ShakeOut


Over the last month, there have been four earthquakes that have occurred on Guam, with the most recent one shaking Umatac last week with a magnitude of 4.9.

While that quake was considered light, making sure you’re ready for the unexpected is still important… which is why thousands of residents throughout the island participated in this year’s Great Guam ShakeOut.

Students from the Agana Heights Elementary School, members of the Guam National Guard, and even the governor herself dropped, covered, and held on at 10:17 this morning to practice what to do in the event of an earthquake.

According to Hannah Gutierrez, the principal of Agana Heights Elementary School, the drill was a success.

“Of course we always want the kids to be prepared. And of course, education, and knowing what to do is the first step to be safe. And if the kids know their part and the teachers know their part, it makes a lot of things at the school easier and flow,” Gutierrez said.

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