Three arrested for sexual abuse of minor under their custody


Guam – Three individuals are now behind bars after sexually abusing a teenage girl for three years.  Details of the abuse are revealed in court documents, also indicate the girl was not the only alleged victim.

The sexual abuse began when the reporting victim was just 15-years old, and was at the hands of her legal guardians, the people charged with her ensuring her safety and well being.

According to the court complaint, the first incident occurred in 2014, when Ywo Jr. Moses, allegedly touched the victim (identified by her initials R.B.) on her private area over her clothing.

The next day, Moses then called R.B. into his bedroom where he digitally penetrated her. After this incident, R.B. went to Honoria Tommy, Moses’ girlfriend confiding in her and seek help.

But instead of helping, Tommy brushed it off telling the young girl, “Moses was only trying to check if she was still a virgin.”

Court documents state several more incidents occurred over the years but it wasn’t until this month that R.B. was able to make a complaint with the police telling them about sexual abuse that occurred in April.

R.B. told police that one day after arriving home from school she was made to massage Moses and that Honoria’s brother John Tommy was there and told her that he wanted to perform cunnilingus on her.

According to police, R.B. refused and as a result Moses had threatened to beat her up. In fear, R.B. was forced to allow the act to occur while Moses allegedly recorded it on a cellphone.  The victim told police that this was not the only time the sexual abuse was recorded.  She told police that Honoria would also record on her phone and share it with John and Moses.

Then on May 17, Moses allegedly demanded sex, and when she refused Moses slapped her three times in the face, before grabbing a knife from the kitchen.  The complaint states that as he held the knife, he told R.B. that he would stab her if she did not submit to sexual intercourse, and that Honoria also threatened to stab her with a fork.

Fearing for her life she submitted to being raped. According to the complaint police discovered at least two recordings on Moses’ Facebook account detailing the sexual abuse.

But R.B. was not the only victim as another relative of Moses a 16 year old girl indicated to police that she was also raped by Moses.

Moses and Honoria were arrested for first degree criminal sexual conduct while John Tommy was arrested for third degree criminal sexual conduct.

They were booked and confined.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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