Three Men Arrested for Rioting with Homemade Weapons


Three men are arrested for rioting with homemade weapons.

Guam – Carefully crafted homemade weapons were recently used in a riot over the weekend in which several men were injured. But Guam Police Spokesman Officer Paul Tapao says finding homemade weapons during a riot is nothing new.



Three men appeared in court yesterday in connection with the Sunday riot at the Hemlani Apartments in Harmon. 33-year-old Kupter Walter and 29 year old 3N Niro were charged with aggravated assault with special weapons allegations, rioting and resisting arrest. 23-year-old Bush Shapucy was charged with rioting.

Police say when they arrived at the scene, they were almost struck by a car that peeled out of the driveway. When the vehicle came to a stop, officers struggled to subdue Niro who had in his pocket rusty metal balls from cut rebar, which is often used as ammunition for slingshots.

Inside the car, officers found a 10-inch and a 3-inch blade. Witnesses later told police that they saw as many as 15-20 men involved in the riot.

As police arrived, they dispersed, witnesses said. Niro, Walter and Shapucy were eventually apprehended. They were booked and confined.



  1. They probably aren’t gainfully employed which leaves them with plenty of time to do stupid things like this. Jail them and deport them via parachute jump if possible.

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