Three Minors Charged in Wettengel Elementary Burglaries


Wettengel Elementary School PTO and parents were praised during a press conference today for helping solve the case.

Guam – Guam Police were able to solve, in part, the school break-ins last week at Wettengel Elementary School, but it was through the collaboration of parents and the PTO that police were able to crack the case. And the suspects? They’re just a bunch of kids, according to police.



GPD’s Juvenile Investigative Section held a press conference today, announcing that three minor brothers were taken into custody, an 11-year-old, a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old.

Officer CJ Cruz tells PNC that the Wettengel PTO contacted other parents of the school to seek their help in solving the burglaries. That meeting helped seal the case as a mother brought her child in who had information about the suspects after she had noticed markings on her son’s friend that appeared similar to the graffiti left behind by the suspects. Cruz also says that there were other clues that alerted the parent to question her son. The mother then brought her son into a precinct with the information.

A total of 15 classrooms were burglarized. Police say each burglary was similar in that the suspects broke in through the classroom windows, stole snacks, drew graffiti on the walls and then trashed the classrooms. Officer Cruz and JIS Officer in Charge Sgt. John Bagaforo emphasize that without the parents swift action, it would have taken longer for police to solve the case.


The three minors were charged with burglary, criminal mischief, theft of property, and crimes against the community, among other charges. They are being held at the Department of Youth Affairs.






  1. If we really want to curb this type of behavior, we need to explore the idea of posting these punks photos for the public to see. The idea of being identified, (regardless of them being minors) should act as an incentive not to break into schools.

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