Tight Gubernatorial Race Made for Long Night at Election Central


Guam – The ballot boxes started coming in to Election Central for counting last night shortly after the polls closed but no one knew what the ballots would determine.


As the night wore on it was still difficult to predict what the outcome would be.

The first results showed the Democratic Team of Gutierrez/Aguon leading the Gubernatorial Race.  Their lead over Calvo/Tenorio got smaller and the Republican party took the lead later in the night but the race was still close and continued to get closer.

In the early morning hours only one precinct needed to be counted but the precinct officials for 17-D out of Tamuning were not able to reconcile the the number of ballots to voters.  Guam Election Commission Officials stepped in and reconciled the count by randomly pulling out ballots to even the number out.

With that precinct reconciled the counted votes gave Calvo/Tenorio the 50% plus one lead to claim a victory as the sun began to rise over the island