Time limit on Eagle’s Field lease originally 14 days

JRM Commander Rear Admiral Benjamin Nicholson talk to NewsTalk K57's Patti Arroyo on Eagle's Field Lease. PNC file photo

The clock is ticking for Governor Lou Leon Guerrero to sign the lease to Eagle’s Field for her proposed medical complex.

Recently, in a letter from Joint Region Marianas to Governor Leon Guerrero that was dated on March 15th, it showed that she had 30 days from that date to sign the lease for Eagle’s Field.

That 30 day time limit received heavy criticism from both the public and lawmakers.

Some people have argued that the time limit looks to be an ultimatum.

With their concerns and arguments centering on how the military wants to use the Eagle’s Field property for the missile defense system instead.

However, JRM Commander Rear Admiral Benjamin Nicholson, in an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, said that the department of the Navy had originally given a 14 day time limit.

“I had to go to the Department of the Navy to get 30 days. Because originally it was only 14, which is the normal time that a lease for property is made in any of the other negotiations,” said Rear Admiral Nicholson.

“But I understood how controversial sometimes things can be, and sometimes how emotional some these things can be and sometimes it might take a little longer,” he added.

Lawmakers are currently deliberating on bill’s aimed at reviewing the lease.

With Senators looking to override the Governor’s veto on bill 12.

Bill 12 would require legislative approval before a governor could purchase or lease land from federal or foreign government.

Which according to Governor Leon Guerrero, as well as a few Democratic Lawmakers such as Will Parkinson, would be a detriment to the hospital.

Lawmakers are expected to go back into session later today to vote on the override of the Governor’s veto.