Tiyan High School and JFK High School Prepare for FestPac


Students are getting ready for two upcoming events. First, Mes Chamorro in March and then the Festival of the Pacific Arts in May.

Guam – We’re just a few months away from the biggest cultural event of the region: The Festival of the Pacific Arts.

In preparation for the festival, schools are adopting the Pacific Island Nations participating in this year’s event by getting to know their various cultures, languages, arts, and more. One of the first schools is Tiyan High.

THS Chamorro Teacher Eileen Meno says, “We have been actively working in the community at large to prepare our island and our people in celebration of this festival. Here at the school level, we kind of mimicked what happens in an opening ceremony.”

In fact, the Titans put on a parade of the many Pacific Island Nations.
THS Student Araya Marquez says, “We researched three words: Aloha, Mahalo and Ohana. We searched the meanings, the flag, cultural dance, people, how they value the island. We put it all into a brochure that we’re going to pass out so people can learn more about it.”
THS Student Tashlynn Mulleda says, “It was fun to learn about Hawaii and it’s culture as well. It was a great experience and it was fun.”
Tiyan High even welcomed former Governor of Chuuk Dr. Ansito Walter as their special guest today. He explains, “I know you are the future of our islands and I know the true nature of success, it’s you.”
Tiyan wasn’t the only school preparing for Fest Pac, the John F. Kennedy Islanders kicked off Mes Chamorro earlier this afternoon and will be tying in Fest Pac activities in the coming months. 
JFKHS Chamorro Teacher Sinot Brian Terlaje says, “We want the students to get the whole experience of being a part of the celebration, not just attending, but participating, and that’s to respect and be responsible for everything, to learn from our elders, continue to practice it.
Senior Shaonnie Mendiola says, “I’m very excited to see other cultures, how they are and how they celebrate.”
Senior Aaron Ramirez says, “Just knowing that we have a chance to be part of this big event…not a lot of people value being a Pacific Islander, but I think once it happens, there will be a lot more pride.”