Tiyan High School Celebrates Mes Chamorro with Fashion Show


In celebration of Mes Chamorro, Tiyan High Titans put on a big Chamorro Fashion Show at their campus this morning.

Students chose a female and male representative to compete in the pageant from the different class levels, which consisted of showing off their National Costume and trying to earn the title of Best in Formal Wear.
Coordinator Sinora Severina Atalig says students will also have to answer questions about the Chamorro culture. Whoever gets the highest score will earn the title of Magalahi and Magahaga. 

She says, “Students chose their own International costumes and they talk about the customs of which they know about that has to reflect with our Chamorro culture so it’s a beautiful thing we do here. We teach our students about the culture and language at the same time.”

Atalig says students raised funds to compete. A portion goes toward the big Gupot Chamorro celebration the school is hosting next week and the other half goes towards their class.