Tiyan High School holds Grad ’n’ Go graduation ceremony

The Tiyan Titans held their Grad 'n' Go graduation ceremony on Friday. Photo by Julianne Hernandez

Another GDOE public high school held its graduation motorcade.

Tiyan High School had a total of 198 graduating students at the ceremony Friday morning.

Like the other public schools, Tiyan students did not have the traditional in-person graduation.

Tiyan High School Principal Sophia Duenas PNC that she loved this class for their perseverance and resilience to get through the school year despite the challenges that were brought on by the pandemic.

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She adds that students had even achieved many accomplishments during this time

“They started out with online learning in the beginning of the school year. Most have transited back into the face-to-face or continued online, but to continue to get into prestigious colleges and with the sports and athletics, I think this class did a great job in preserving and with that passion, that Titan passion through the end,” Duenas said.

One of the students that exhibited that Titan spirit is senior graduate, Jinae “Masakada” Teria.

Teria plans to attend the United States Merchant Marine Academy while playing soccer for the school’s team

She echoes Duenas’ sentiments and says that one of the things she has learned from the past year is to never take things for granted.

“It has really shown in everybody. I congratulate all my classmates for working hard and preserving through the year. I’ve taken a step back from life and truly really understand that this is such a blessing,” Teria said.

She added: “This year may not have gone as expected but through Zoom classes, we still have learned really hard. We really, as a class, had grown through this year so much because we weren’t able to see each other, we understand each day is valuable and we must use it because there isn’t a lot of time on this Earth.”

According to principal Duenas, the prestigious schools some of the students were accepted into include Columbia University, Duke University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Another batch will also attend UOG and GCC.

Duenas says they are expecting about 40 of their students to graduate by the summer at their Rainbow Graduation.