Tiyan High School Restrooms Deemed Unsafe


The restrooms in the J building have been closed and are pending repairs.

Guam – Tiyan High School has less than a handful of working restrooms in the entire campus for students to use.


Two sources confirmed for PNC that the restrooms in the J building have been closed for more than a month now. This situation forces students who have classes in the J building to walk to the E building if they need to use the restroom, which according to sources would be about a five-minute walk back and forth because of the Tiyan High layout.

According to Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson, the restrooms were deemed unsafe by the principal and are pending repairs. Principal Sophie Duenas says the restrooms were shut down because of a fire and that the school already informed the school landlord Core Tech International, but so far, nothing has been done. Duenas explains that among the repairs needed include changing out the ceiling tiles and re-painting the walls due to fire damage.

Although some restrooms are closed, Anderson ensures PNC that the school has an adequate amount of working restrooms as required by the Department of Public Health and Social Services.