Tiyan High School Still Not ADA Compliant


Tiyan isn’t the only school that has faced issues regarding being compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

Guam – The Guam Department of Education has occupied Tiyan High School for two years now, but they’ve yet to come into compliance with American Disabilities Act.


GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez explains that because the Tiyan campus is an old facility, they’re still what he calls “grandfathering in” the ADA standards. In the past two years, he says, the department has installed one elevator at the school so students with disabilities have access, even though it’s limited, to three wings. According to Fernandez, they’re still working on constructing ramps at the schools with the right specifications.

“Normally, when we identify classrooms that are in need of that assistance. First of all, we need to look at their schedule, make sure their classes are scheduled in the buildings that have elevator access and alternatively, we also make sure their classes are scheduled on first-floor classrooms. That’s how we’ve been able to accommodate all students with disabilities and are in need of that assistance,” he says.
Tiyan High School isn’t the only school that faced issues of being ADA compliant. Fernandez says even older schools such as George Washington High School needed repair to their elevators as well. One of the challenges the department faces is the number of vendors who can repair and maintain the operations of the elevators.
He explains, “That’s been an issue we’ve had in several schools, maintaining the operations for the elevator, not just the repair but also certification.”
Fernandez explains every time an elevator is down, the administrators ensure that students with disabilities are assigned one-to-one aides who will help students with any mobility issues.