Tiyan High School Students Unveil New School Marquee


They worked hard for it and now they have it!

Guam – After hard work and dedication, Tiyan High School students reached their goal in getting a marquee for their campus.

Last week, the Tiyan High community held a special ceremony to congratulate their students and to unveil the new school marquee. The Visual Arts Academy Team, which consists of English Teacher Gretchen Andres, Social Studies Teacher Christine Agostosa, Science Teacher Madison Burkhart, Math Teacher Lucy Lucas, Art Teacher Rhadney Sutacio along with their students teamed up for this project. 

They had a goal in mind: get a marquee for the school so they can share important information with parents and the community such as game days, holidays, and highlight school accomplishments, to name a few. After letters and presentations to businesses, Bank of Guam agreed to donate $5,000 of the $11,750 cost of the school marquee. To cover the remaining cost, the school community was able to get together for the T-Factor which featured a lip sync battle between Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio. The T-Factor was successful and raised more than $7000.

Tiyan High Senior Markiana Laanan says, “You learn way more through experience than through a million books. This project has allowed us to have that amazing experience, from solicitation letters, to presenting to businesses, and talking at radio stations, all teaching us to take ownership of our school and active community members.”

Tiyan High Senior Johnsey Hagel explains, “When people see this marquee, they’ll probably think Tiyan High is just over there but when we see this sign, we will see all the hard work we put into this. We will see all the time we put in and how great it turned out to be.”

The new marquee is set up next to the main office where students get picked up and dropped off by parents.