Tiyan High Titans to Showcase Talent with “T Factor”


This event will not only showcase the many talents at Tiyan High School, the Titans are also fundraising for a school marquee.

Guam – Tiyan High School students have a goal in mind: get a marquee for the school so they can share important information with parents and the community such as game days, holidays, highlight school accomplishments, to name a few.


THS Student Janelle Tahimik says, “Tiyan High School will benefit from having a school marquee because it will enhance communication and it will increase the involvement of others with school functions and events. Basically everyone will stay connected and up to date.”
According to English Teacher Gretchen Andres, students have worked diligently during the first semester to write and deliver solicitation letters to various island businesses. The Tiyan High community says a school marquee costs about $12-thousand. After a student presentation, Bank of Guam, decided to be a main sponsor, agreeing to match their fundraising efforts up to $5-thousand. However, they still have a couple thousands left to raise. That’s why the Tiyan students decided to hold a major fundraising event called “T-Factor”. It will be the high school’s first talent showcase. 
THS Student Kobe Hall explains, “We have dance groups around the island like Danz Jazz, Stargazers, Talent Box. We have the Lt. Governor will do a solo and the Superintendent battling him with a lip sync battle. We have our very own “Meta” from school, Pop Rocks and Soda, and the list just goes on.”

THS Teacher John “Meta” Sarmiento says, “This is just another way of showing the community that we have artists, we have talented students, and we need more platforms for that so we’re raising money for a marquee but we’re also letting our students shine.”
As a fairly new high school Tiyan High now has school uniforms and a gym to call their own. However, teacher John “Meta” Sarmiento says Tiyan High is still not a complete campus. He adds, “I think that our school is gravitating towards a strong sports culture. As you can see, we’re having our show at the gym newly built but we’re still lacking a track-and-field. So as far as needs, it’d be a track-and-field, more sports facilities in general, a chemistry lab because we can’t further our science programs here without that as well. There’s still a lot of major things our school needs as far as facilities go, but this is just an avenue to show people that we have creative means to raise funds and get the community involved to meet these needs.”
The Tiyan High School “T-Factor” will be held tomorrow at the Tiyan High gym from 6 pm to 10 pm. For more information, call the main office at 300-5570.