VIDEO: Tiyan Sporting Facilities To Be Used Beyond Liberation Carnival


Guam – Department of Corrections clients were busy clearing the sporting fields in Tiyan today. DOC is assisting the Department of Parks and Recreation in preparing the grounds for the Liberation Carnival. The space hasn’t been in full use since typhoon Pongsonga destroyed the facilities in 2002.

The Mayors’ Council of Guam is looking forward to hosting the carnival at its former location. They note the space has more parking available than Chamorro Village and offers relief from the expected traffic delays from the Route 1 construction project in Hagatna.

Department of Parks and Recreation Director Pete Calvo says the department has been planning to redevelop the area to use as a sporting complex again and he says using the grounds for the carnival will accelerate the project.

“We’re really happy that the Mayors’ Council has chosen Tiyan as this years Liberation Carnival activity site because it culminates into a larger picture that we’ve actually been working on for quite some time now and the redevelopment of Tiyan Sports Complex is something we’d like to see fruition,” Calvo said. “This is essentially phase one of it which is the clean up of this upper portion of the Tiyan facility.”

The Department plans to work with the Guam Economic Development Authority to develop a tax incentive program to restore the gym and improve the football and softball fields.